Customer Service

alt Specializing in schools and restaurant chains, Dexter’s Farm is committed to excellence in customer service. We believe in delivering solutions to our customer partners, not just product. Because each customer is unique, we have developed specialized service mechanisms that address these exclusive needs including education, account management and the appropriate use of technologies.

Account Management

Each customer partner has a designated Account Manager who proactively manage the process to ensure that Dexter’s Farm delivers the optimal solution. The "No Surprises" philosophy that is core to our approach includes:

  • Order Monitoring - Orders submissions, missing orders, etc.
  • Issue Resolution - If an issue arises and is not immediately resolved, engage the necessary resources to resolve the issue.
  • Program Management – Work with customers to plan for special programs, events or seasonal needs.
  • Education and Information – See “Education” below.
An Account Manager is responsible for analyzing and monitoring the needs and issues of our customer partners to facilitate changes so Dexter’s Farm can continuously deliver the optimal solution.


We find that continuing to inform and educate ourselves and our customers promotes the highest level of customer satisfaction and a well-founded partnership. This ongoing education and information sharing with managers, central offices and kitchen staff includes the following and much more:

  • Availability – Pricing, harvests, etc.
  • Locally Grown – Setting up programs, what to expect and what not to expect, etc.
  • New Products – Information including handling, availability, uses, etc.
  • Handling – Shelf life, storage temperature, storage locations, etc.
  • Food Safety – Specifics on product lines, changes in requirements (Food Safety Modernization Act), our programs, etc.
  • Quality – How to manage, quality alerts (e.g., weather, crop outlooks, etc.)
There is much more and specific per customer, ask for more details.


Technologies are used to enhance and ensure that our customer service level is the highest in the industry. A few uses of technologies are:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - ERP software is a true enterprise solution to help help manage purchasing, inventory, orders and customers.
  • Web Orders - the 24/7 capability to place orders online including order templates per location and the ability to make delivery and product comments.
  • System Interfaces - When in-house order systems are used, a system interface can be created to allow the electronic transfer of these orders to ensure accuracy, timeliness and east.
  • Truck Loading - Barcoding system ensures loading the correct product for each order.
  • Notifications - automated notifications are used including order confirmations and changes, temperatures and issue alerts, which can be sent directly to customers.
  • Issue Tracking & Resolution - issues with fulfillment, quality, orders and delivery are all tracked along with resolutions to help ensure completion and identify patterns.
  • Reporting - reporting is available on most aspects of our business including ordering, usage, issues, delivery, quality and safety allowing us and our customer partner's to better manage.