Food Safety & Quality

alt Dexter’s Farm believes that food safety and quality assurance must be fully integrated to exceed expectations and safety requirements. Our Safety and Quality Management Program (SAQM) is one the most advanced programs in produce distribution.
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Plan (HACCP) – Analyzing workflow, identifying hazards and indicators, actively monitoring these indicators and having specific action plans is key to ensure safety and quality. We have multiple associates who are HACCP certified who annually review our HACCP plan. We keep all of our programs fully integrated with our HACCP Plan

  • Good Manufacturing & Handling Practices (GMHP) – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are part of industry standards. We combine these with Good Handling Practices (GHP) to make a complete picture and what we call GMHPs. Identifying these practices and principals that must be followed to achieve our company goals is a requirement along with clearly documenting our GMHPs is a cornerstone of our SAQM program that allows us to achieve advance safety and quality assurance.

  • Advanced Training – Training for our associates include Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) by role which fully integrates our GMHPs. This creates one of the most advanced employee training programs within the produce distribution industry.

  • Cold Chain – Holding appropriate environmental temperatures during receiving, storage and transport of perishable products is essential to maintain quality and safety. To ensure that temperatures are maintained, we monitor and document temperatures continuously including:
    • Upon arrival to our facility, temperatures are verified including trailer, temperature trackers and core temperatures of products
    • 20+ digital temperature sensors within our storage facility with alerts automatically generated if temperature ranges are not held 24 x 7
    • Precooling of trucks before loading
    • At each delivery

  • Quality Assurance – Inspecting to assure quality is always important with perishable product such as fresh fruits and vegetables. The quality portion of our SAQM Program include three distinct inspections:
    • Receiving – as product is delivered to our facility
    • Storage – if product is stored more than 3 days at our facility
    • Shipping – all products are inspected within 24 hours of shipping

  • Inspections – We have always receive the highest ratings for all inspections performed including USDA, DOD, 3rd Party (GMP) and customers.

  • Sanitization – Knowing the difference between cleaning and sanitizing is often missed. In addition to specific sanitization procedures, we perform lab tests to verify these procedures.

  • Regulations – Continuous investment in associate education and certification, active participation in associations and monitoring developing regulations is required to maintain our advanced food safety.

  • Technologies – The appropriate use of technologies allow us to effectively achieve the most advanced safety and quality results. This includes automatic monitoring and alerts, effective presentation of training materials on our intranet, testing equipment, information logs and issue tracking to identify any patterns that would not be possible without technology.
We are extremely proud of Dexter’s Farm Safety and Quality Management Program. A detailed review of any part of this proprietary program can be scheduled with your account manager or company contact.